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We are pleased to offer pork as one of the primary meat products raised on our farm.  We purchase small feeder hogs from a pastured operation in Cascade, Iowa.  We raise these hogs to a finish weight and make them available to our customers a few times each year.  Pork is sold either through a half hog (approximately 75-85# of take-home meat) or a whole hog (approximately 150-160# of take-home meat) that will include a wide mix of cuts.  Additionally, we are licensed for resale by the state of Iowa and do occasionally sell meat in smaller bundled sizes.  Each half or whole order allows you to specify how you would like your order processed.  We utilize an online order form to step customers through that process.  We charge a price per pound on the number of pounds of meat that we deliver to your door.  To-your-door delivery in Iowa is always included and convenient meeting will be scheduled with our other Tri-State customers.

Our hogs are raised in an outdoor, non-confinement setting.  We minimize the use of antibiotics and in most cases, our hogs are raised not requiring any treatment at all.  Their tails are left whole nor do we ring their snout.

Pork FAQs:

  • I’m interested in pork, but how much freezer space will I need?
    • A ½ hog fills roughly 2 standard size ice chests.
  • What cuts will I receive?
    • Purchasing a half-hog (or whole hog!) will provide you a wide variety of cuts. There will be ham cuts, chops, other loin cuts, bacon/side pork, sausage or other ground cuts, and even ribs and hocks if you want them.  Pork offers many choices so you can be sure to have the cuts prepared and wrapped just as you want.
    • This pdf helps show what cuts you will receive and how much of each cut. http://www.oda.state.ok.us/food/fs-hogweight.pdf
  • I like pork, but am not sure what to do with all the ground pork. What do you suggest?
    • Good news! There are many options for ground pork.  We’re sure you can find one that you will enjoy.  The locker can make brats, breakfast sausage links, rope sausage, or bulk seasoned sausage with the ground pork. The rope sausage can be cured or left fresh.  You may also choose to keep plain ground pork.  This meat can be readily substituted for other ground meats in some of your favorite recipes.
  • I prefer to not eat cured meat. Is it possible to have no cured meat in my order
    • Absolutely!  The locker can process exactly to your request.  While hams and bacon is often cured, some customers also choose to order these cuts as fresh.  Fresh hams and side pork (the cut that is cured to make bacon) is also tasty!

Once you have confirmed an order with us, we will direct you to complete this online order form.  It will step you through the ordering process.  You will choose the cuts you want to receive, how you want the meat packaged, and any custom processing.  We will also collect information so we can plan our delivery.  We coordinate your processing requests directly to the meat locker.  Your beef order will be available around two weeks after the locker date.  A pork order will be available around three weeks after the locker date; pork requires a longer processing time due to the curing process.  We will then be in touch to schedule your delivery!

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