Other Meats

other products

In addition to the beef and pork for sale from Woven Strong Farm, we have additional agricultural products available:

  • Whole animal purchase
    • Are you skilled at butchering your own animal? We have sold live goats, hogs, and steers to individuals like this.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities!
    • Are you interested in having a hog roast? We can coordinate with a locker to have the hog prepped for a hog roast and sell the carcass to you in that way.  Contact us to discuss the options.
  • Meat Goats
    • We raise a number of goat kids each spring and summer and make them for sale in early fall. We have a steady number of customers for this product so if you are interested, let us know early so we can determine if we can satisfy your interest.
  • Eggs
    • We keep layers on site year round. They are truly free range and have the run of the entire farm!  These clever birds roost in our barn each night and have not been subject to attack from predators.  We have eggs available year round though in winter the supply can dip and impact our ability to fulfill demand.  Again, we have a steady number of customers for our eggs so if you are interested, let us know!  We can always resize our flock to grow though that does take time.
  • Stew Hens (Occasional)
    • Every 12-24 months, we cull our hen flock as we add new layers to the farm. If you are interested in purchasing a live hen for stew meat, let us know and we can work out an arrangement.