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We are pleased to offer beef as one of our primary meat products raised on our farm.  Our Lowline cattle is a breed known for a wide and stocky body, shorter legs, and strong performance on grass.  Our cattle is pasture raised using rotational grazing practices during prime growing season.  During the cold Iowa winters, they are fed on alfalfa, grass hay, and non-GMO grain.  Our cattle are always growth hormone free with rare use of antibiotics.

We raise cattle throughout the year and offer beef quarters, halves or wholes as our steers reach finished size.  A quarter, half or whole purchase will include a mix of cuts (steaks, roasts, ground beef, ribs, stew meat, and organ meat if desired).  We utilize an online order form to step customer through the ordering process.  We charge a price per pound on the number of pounds of meat that we deliver to your door.  To-your-door delivery in Iowa is always included and convenient meeting will be scheduled with our other Tri-State customers.

Only interested in ground beef?  Several times a year we have cows come available for a ground meat only purchase (the meat would not be tender enough for steaks or roasts).  This is a great option for a family interested in stocking the freezer with ground beef.  Let us know if this solution is of interest to you; as these cows come available, we will contact you.

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Once you have confirmed an order with us, we will direct you to complete this online order form.  It will step you through the ordering process.  You will choose the cuts you want to receive, how you want the meat packaged, and any custom processing.  We will also collect information so we can plan our delivery.  We coordinate your processing requests directly to the meat locker.  Your beef order will be available around two weeks after the locker date.  A pork order will be available around three weeks after the locker date; pork requires a longer processing time due to the curing process.  We will then be in touch to schedule your delivery!

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