Woven Strong Farm

Woven Strong Farm produces exceptional natural meat products for our customers who desire to actively support local agriculture.  We were established in 2011 and are located in rural Jackson County.  We serve both the greater Dubuque and Maquoketa area with customers across the Tri-state area.  We offer beef, pork, meat goats, and eggs for direct sale.

We believe in being transparent with our feeding practices.  We raise steers all year round so the feeding challenges change with the seasons.  In the spring, summer & early fall our steers are grass fed with a limited amount of non GMO corn to add flavor and improve marbling.  We tend to finish out most of our steers in the fall.  Over the winter the steers are fed grass hay, alfalfa hay and limited non GMO corn.  Any steers finished in June will come off of the winter diet and then move to grass for a few months.

Our hogs are raised on a diet of corn, soybeans & oats.  We have a dedicated outside area for the hogs to romp around.  I am amazed at how little they stay in a shade building.  They truly like to lay outside rooted up into some bedding enjoying the night air.

Custom orders are our specialty!  Customers can choose their cuts and processing requests; we are always glad to step customers through the ordering process and answer any questions you have.  To-your-door delivery in Iowa is always included and convenient meeting will be scheduled with our other Tri-State customers.  We also can accommodate whole animal purchases for self-butchering or hog roast type events.  If you have an idea or unique request, contact us to discuss if we can satisfy your request!